Transgender to Transformed Book (Paperback)

Transgender to Transformed Book (Paperback)

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This is the story of Laura Perry who lived as transgender for nearly nine years before being radically set free by Jesus Christ.




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10 reviews for Transgender to Transformed Book (Paperback)

  1. Kandis

    This book is a good read for anybody struggling with sin. It shows Gods grace and mercy for all of us. It is much needed for the dark times we live in.

  2. Mona Huckaby

    This book is timely and addresses the issue of transgenderism, but it’s actually an exploration of an age old problem. It’s the true story of a woman looking for peace in all the wrong places, and her transformation when she realizes “ the only solution that will ever bring peace is to come to your Creator and let Him heal your heart.” (Pg. 172)
    I would recommend it to anyone who has struggled with sin.

  3. Karen Baker

    Laura Perry’s book gives testimony to the truth that “with God all things are possible.” She was entrenched by choice in a transgender lifestyle that would seem impossible to leave. She shares raw & painful parts of her life story. Then it is remarkable to read how the Lord gently drew her to Himself through people and circumstances. It is like reading about a miracle. This is a book that should give help and hope to anyone dealing with these complex and difficult issues.

  4. Vicki Rowland

    As you read this book and think of the miracle of a caterpillar as it does not stay conformed to its cocoon but finally emerges out of that stage and into a beautiful butterfly, you can’t help but see a picture of God’s transforming power as He gently changed Laura’s heart from a lifestyle of confusion, anger and pain to one of peace. This book will bring hope and truth into those who question their identity and into the hearts of parents who suffer alongside them.

  5. David Fiorazo

    Great book! Laura Perry bares her soul in this detailed, informative, read that God will certainly use to draw others to the truth. “Transgender to Transformed” is an eye-opening book that will help parents struggling with a gender-confused child, as well as young people being seduced by today’s culture. Parts of her story are not surprising considering the worldly influences bombarding people with lies and promises of happiness apart from God. But the constant spiritual battle described in Laura’s story is both fascinating and sobering, and a major takeaway is the fact God loves us enough to pursue us in our darkest times when we feel most distant from Him. May this important point many souls to Jesus Christ, the God of Truth and life, and may He bless, strengthen, and protect Laura for stepping out in faith to make this available to the public.

  6. Ruthie Dennis

    More than I ever imagined is described in the world of transgenders. The emotional and physical hell that Laura went through tells me those suffering from Sexual Identity dysphoria are hurting, and confused. They need our Christian compassion and the offer of the truth in God’s grace, not our acceptance, to free them from it. I urge those considering changing sexual identity to read this book first. For those who have already transitioned and still confused and unhappy, please read this book. For parents of transgenders, this book offers hope . Well written and hopeful.

  7. Carolyn Morgan

    I met Laura Perry the day she first came to her mom’s Bible study. She has since become a dear friend and prayer partner. This is the heart-wrenching story of how she lost herself in the transgender lifestyle living as a man for many years, and how God miraculously set her free, though not without a lot of pain and anguish. I grieved with her as she struggled through years of bondage and despair and then rejoiced through tears at her deliverance. In Laura’s words, “Transgenderism promises a life of freedom, but instead it becomes bondage. You become a slave to that identity. While for the first few years I believed I was happy, it eventually became exhausting to perpetuate the lies, to keep up the façade…I will never forget seeing the look in my eye in a photo of myself an thinking, I am not as happy as I claim to be…The good news is, there is freedom from all of this. You can be set free from the lies that have entrapped you and can walk away from it all. You can embrace your God-given identity and leave behind the cheap counterfeit you have stitched together.” Laura experienced a radical transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. It is her prayer that God will use her story help others come to faith and freedom in Jesus Christ and be transformed. I join her in that prayer.

  8. Linda Welch

    If you saw her face today you would never know she was living in the bottom of the barrel of sin. You read this book and you can see how God brought her up to see his glory and change her completely. It’s an amazing testimony.

  9. Rick A Snyder (verified owner)

    I read this book because I work in the field of counseling. We are constantly being indoctrinated with reasons why we should support the LGBTQ+ lifestyle in our clients. I needed to have well spelled out reasons for explaining why this lifestyle really isn’t as great as it claims to be. This book did a great job of describing the “Other Side” of this lifestyle and the inner psychological and spiritual struggles involved. Laura Perry did an awesome job of sharing her heart and life with us. Thank you Laura!

  10. Becky Armstrong

    Laura’s journey is such a testimony of how powerful the love of God can be. Reading of how she felt rejected to tightly grasping to the eternal perspective demonstrates her bold faith. Her story tells of letting go of feelings, circumstances, and human understanding to lean on the unchanging, almighty and sovereign God. Powerful and moving.

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