I started living as a woman at the age of 19. After two years of hormone therapy, I got breast implants, had my nose reconstructed and some silicone injections in different parts of my body. I lived full time as a woman for over 20 years. From a young age I was puzzled in my mind as to who I was; I knew God created me a boy, but in my mind I felt as though God had made a mistake because I felt like a girl some days and other days like a boy. Through out the years I would become addicted to drugs and became a stripper. I did drugs for over 20 years. At the age of 40 I was pushed down a flight of stairs by someone who I thought was a friend and was almost killed.

I went to the ER at a hospital and while I was sitting in a wheelchair crying, a little old woman came to me put her hand on me and said, “Do you know Jesus?”. So I lied to her and said yes I know him very well. To my surprise when I left the ER and went home I kept hearing a voice asking me, “Do you know Jesus?”. This went on for days….Every day I would hear a voice asking me, “Do you know Jesus?”. So I replied to this voice and said, “This is what I will do! I will turn on TBN Christian TV and learn about Jesus”. As soon as I said that, the voice that I kept hearing stopped asking me the question. As I was listening to the TV I started talking to God, and was shocked when He walked into my bedroom, and started showing me my life. Yes, He showed me every year that I had ever lived, He showed me getting breast implants, getting a nose job, and a lot more…. Then God said to me as He was showing me my life, He said “Honey, this is not you, This is what the devil has done to you.” I was SHOCKED… but relieved at the same time. These were the WORDS OF TRUTH from God to me about my life. He set me FREE from all the drugs and the rough life style I was living in. I’m 53 years old now, and have been living back as a man now for over 10 years. The Lord as put me through the School of Ministry, preparing me for the call He has on my life.

I just want you to know Jesus is not dead — He is alive and doing very well, He loves you very much and wants to spend eternity with you.

Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father God except through me”

John 14:6

He’s the only way to heaven and it is my prayer that you would come to know Him through His Holy Spirit that He has sent to you to live in your heart. You can have a personal relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. But it’s up to you to Believe in Jesus. The Spirit of God is right beside you as you’re reading this: you may not see Him, but He is there. Trust Him and just open up your heart to Him. Call upon the name Jesus and ask him to forgive you of your sins. And He Will. He has a plan for your life. Jesus is very awesome!

From Mr. Jeffrey Johnston 12/1/16

By Laura Perry

I am a former transgender set free by the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

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  1. I am glad there is support for transgender regret. Unfortunately I went all the way with surgeries including FFS and GRS
    I am 6’4″ and bought into the lie that I would pass as a woman, not so. Now i am trying to go back albeit it’s very difficult as there is zero local support for this.
    I do know Jesus, was saved in 1988 but have fallen away.

  2. You are correct – Jesus is awesome!! I do not know the struggles you have gone through, I have my own, but I was brought to tears with your commitment to Jesus as I to have just met him a few months ago. He has helped with addictions, healed my body and filled my heart where abandonment lingered. Jesus is the way, He is mighty, powerful, and forgiving. He loves each of us and wants all of us to ask for His help. I always thought my problems were not important enough to bother God so I tried to solve them myself. I turned to many medial professionals, all without success. Jesus took my problems away for me, it was the absolute most simple way to heal I have ever experienced. for example, I prayed for Him to take away my addiction to cigarettes and marijuana all the while I still smoked. On the third day of asking for His help the addiction was gone – entirely gone! The same happened with my inability to eat and my feelings of abandonment. I thank Jesus for taking all that away for me, my part was believing He would help me. You don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to solve your problems, Jesus will, believe in Him.
    Thank you for your courage to share, it means so much.

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